New Product Launch: Alpine Ash

December 03, 2018

New Product Launch: Alpine Ash

Riftsawn wood, one of the most exclusive and sought-after looks in fine furniture and paneling, has long been limited to the domain of high-end custom flooring. The Alpine Riftsawn Collection makes this precious material available in a prefinished, in-stock luxury range of subtle, smoked and reactive-stained colors.

Sacrificing nothing, each floor boasts thick ¾” construction, a hefty 6mm wear layer, and an ultra-low gloss urethane finish by Bona.

About Alpine Riftsawn

The Alpine Riftsawn Collection, featuring Select Grade straight grain Alpine Ash from Tasmania. Alpine Ash is a species that is sometimes also referred to as Tasmanian Oak. In truth, it is neither Ash nor Oak, but rather a species of Eucalyptus. It is the same hardness as European Oak and American White Oak.

Like many more commonly known species, there are diverse levels of quality associated with Tasmanian Oak. Monarch Plank’s Alpine Ash (scientific name: Eucalyptus delegatensis) comes only from the rugged mountains of Tasmania, and offers a superior lighter and more consistent color than other Australian species that are sometimes traded as Tasmanian Oak. For comparison, this is a bit like White Oak from the southern U.S. in comparison to the prized Northern White Oak of the Great Lakes region. It could be said that Monarch Plank’s Alpine Ash is like the Northern White Oak of the Tasmanian Oak world – the best of the best!

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