Alpine Riftsawn DUCANE

    1. SPECIES: Riftsawn Alpine Ash
    2. THICKNESS: 3/4" WIDTH: 6-1/2" LENGTH: Random 2'-7' (50% Full Length)
    3. TOP LAYER: 6 mm Dry-Sawn Top Layer
    4. TEXTURE: Smooth
    5. GRADE: Aussie Select - includes occasional dark gum veins parallel to grain
    6. BACKING: 3-Ply w/Hevea Core
    7. FINISH: UV Urethane Finish
    8. GLOSS LEVEL: Ultra-Matte
  • The wood in Monarch Plank’s Alpine Riftsawn Collection is Riftsawn to yield an elegant, straight-grained appearance that is at once more beautiful and more dimensionally stable than traditional plainsawn wood. This clean, linear look is perfectly suited to today’s modern design aesthetic, and is virtually free of knots.  Alpine Ash is a wood from Tasmania that is sometimes also referred to as Tasmanian Oak. In truth, it is neither Ash nor Oak, but rather a species of Eucalyptus. It is the same hardness as European Oak. Learn more about "Alpine Ash"
    1. Install Method: Glue Down, Nail + Glue, or Float
    2. Warranty Structural: Lifetime | Finish- 25 Year Residential and 3 Year Light Commercial.


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