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    1. SPECIES: Kuri (Chestnut)
    2. THICKNESS: 5/8" WIDTH: 7-1/2" LENGTH: 23"-75"
    3. TOP LAYER: 4 mm Dry-Sawn Top Layer
    4. TEXTURE: Smooth
    5. GRADE: Rustic
    6. BACKING: Birch Plywood
    7. FINISH: UV Urethane
  • The Hokkaido collection Long used in traditional Japanese furniture and construction, these gorgeous woods have never before been available as flooring in North America. Through trusted relationships within the tight-knit circle of suppliers in the rugged mountains off northern Japan, Monarch Plank can now offer exclusive access to these very special materials. True to the traditions of Japanese design and architecture, the Hokkaido collection venerates these woods by presenting them in pure, minimalist refinement. Offered in wide planks with a clear, ultra-matte finish that showcases the natural color and grain, the Hokkaido Collection caters to those who seek and appreciate understated elegance. While North American Chestnut, long treasured for its beauty and rot-resistance, is now largely extinct and virtually impossible to find, its close relative Japanese Chestnut (Kuri) remains abundant in Japan and continues to be a mainstay of traditional Japanese woodworking.
    1. Install Method: Nail-down, glue-down, or float.
    2. Warranty Structural: Lifetime | Finish- 25 Year Residential and 3 Year Light Commercial.


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