Southern California Coastal Contemporary Luxury Home

August 13, 2018

Southern California Coastal Contemporary Luxury Home

 Installation, photography and information, compliments of: Anthony Franco: Floor Masters Inc. Instagram:@anthony_floormasters


Design Overview

This project was a new build in the coastal city of Redondo Beach, California.

Our teams vision for the floor was a nice, light wide plank hardwood floor to fit our coastal contemporary vibe. As part of the decision making process I showed the team a wide variety of options, but the consensus was that the initial natural oak consideration had too many yellow/orange undertones, which felt dated. We were drawn to Monarch's "Storia II, La Lima" by the light/natural grey undertones of the color. This color, offered in the oil finish was a perfect fit for our design. Along with being an ideal color for the flooring, La Lima provided excellent flexibility when picking doors, paint and cabinets.

The contrast throughout the house is spectacular. The open design brings dramatic natural light that highlights the 4,000 Sq/Ft of hardwood floors installed thought-out the home. The resulting affect creates a warm & inviting feel to the home while simultaneously creating a sense of space,and the impression of scale that exceeds the already impressive footprint. 

The design in the foyer was a major topic in the development. The original plan was to have classic tile risers with wood on top but I was able to convince the team to commit to a Chevron pattern to really make this grand entrance unique & stunning!! 

Once this house hit the market it sold over asking for 3.1 Million in just 3 days! It was a great all around team effort and we couldn't be more pleased!

Broker & Developers: Rami Elminoufi, Gary Elminoufi (Brothers) 

Beach City Brokers

Contractor: David Powers

Powers Construction

Designer: Christine Stahlberg

CMS Interior Design

Instagram: @cmsinteriordesign